Ageing Well? Exploring the Sexual Rights of Older Adults in Arts & Wellbeing

Join us for a free online workshop in partnership with Professor Sharron Hinchliff, exploring the sexual and intimate lives of older adults.

Flourishing Lives, the Flourishing Lives Advisory Group (FLAG) and Professor Sharron Hinchliff invite you to our free online workshop providing practical support for services for older people.

It is widely recognised that sexual activity and intimacy have benefits for our health and wellbeing when we’re older. Yet sexuality in our middle and later years remains somewhat of a taboo topic.

In this interactive workshop we will explore scientific research and anecdotal evidence to answer the following questions:

  • What do we know about the sexual and intimate lives of older adults?
  • Why are sexually transmitted infections increasing in the over 45s?
  • How does ageism affect our sexual rights as we get older?

We will also look at ways to engage with the topic by drawing on the creative approaches used by Sharron and her team to have open and honest conversations about sexuality.

Professor Sharron Hinchliff leads a programme of research, education and innovation on sexuality, gender, and ageing at the University of Sheffield. Her work addresses inequalities in healthcare and wider society, and tackles negative social stereotypes and harmful discrimination that individuals can face. It is firmly embedded within a human rights framework. To learn more about Sharron’s work, visit

The above image was designed by Daisy M Illustration to bring to life excerpts shared as part of the development of the Sexual Rights Charter for Older Adults:

Join us to share ideas, refine your working practices, and meet other progressive people who are striving to innovate and excel community in services.

Tuesday 5th September 2023, 11.30am – 1.00pm GMT