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Flourishing Lives is a London-wide coalition of organisations taking a creative, relational approach to supporting richer, more independent lives for older people.

We believe that building quality relationships is the heart of our work - genuinely engaging with older people as unique individuals and forming close bonds with the dedicated staff and volunteers who work alongside them.

We connect practitioners, day centres, major arts organisations, health & fitness initiatives and community outreach programmes so that knowledge, research and resources can be shared and the very highest level of practice can be established across the sector.


Our Charter

 The shared vision of our progressive network of organisations



Laying the foundations for best practice


Sharing Knowledge

Our invaluable forum for leading service providers to discuss ideas and share information

Latest Posts

Flourishing Lives Conference 2017

The inaugural Flourishing Lives conference took place at the Royal Society in London on the 25th of May 2017. The event brought together 100 social innovators from across the arts and health sectors seeking to transform service provision, inspire progress and reduce loneliness and isolation amongst people over the age of 55.

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Breaking Down Ageism Barriers

When you mention homecare or support to people, the perception is often that it’s just suited to the elderly - this is not the case. It also raises concerns that too many people pigeonhole the elderly, stereotype their ability to live alone or define the activities they should enjoy based on their age. Right at Home Central London is aiming to break these perceptions and smash down ageism barriers.

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Flourishing: arts, health and wellbeing

I am a PhD student at the University of Derby, researching Art for Health in Older Age. My research interests include investigating ‘meaningful’ creative engagement; examining definitions of older age and wellbeing; and considering the language used around such terms, within the creative ageing movement and arts in health discourse.

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