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Flourishing Lives is a London-wide coalition of organisations taking a creative, relational approach to supporting richer, more independent lives for older people.

We believe that building quality relationships is the heart of our work - genuinely engaging with older people as unique individuals and forming close bonds with the dedicated staff and volunteers who work alongside them.

We connect practitioners, day centres, major arts organisations, health & fitness initiatives and community outreach programmes so that knowledge, research and resources can be shared and the very highest level of practice can be established across the sector.


Our Charter

 The shared vision of our progressive network of organisations



Laying the foundations for best practice


Sharing Knowledge

Our invaluable forum for leading service providers to discuss ideas and share information

Latest Posts

'Change the Age/nda': Flourishing Lives at Tate Exchange April 3 - 5

Drop in and take part in an intergenerational exchange at Tate Modern that will challenge perceptions of ageing, and celebrate the profound sense of empowerment, expression and community that older people can access through art.

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Arts and Health - The Big Picture

We recently attended the Arts Can Seminar by Dr Daisy Fancourt, Senior Research Associate/Wellcome Research Fellow at UCL, and were blown away by the research evidencing the impact that arts, creativity and cultural engagement has on physical and mental health.

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Flourishing Lives Reflective Practice Groups

We are delighted to announce that Flourishing Lives has launched our London-wide reflective practice groups for arts, health and wellbeing professionals working within community contexts. Whether you work in a day centre, arts organisation, clinical setting, outreach initiative or in freelance community arts, you are very welcome to join us.

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