Where We Started

Flourishing Lives was instigated following independent research commissioned in 2012 by the Claremont Project, a pioneering arts and wellbeing centre for older people. The
Claremont Project is the founding member of the Flourishing Lives coalition.


The research was funded by The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to provide a detailed evidence base around the needs and wants of older people in relation to the day care services on offer.


The research report, Flourishing Lives (Oliver and Kelly), found that:

  • older people enjoy having more time, independence and freedom 
  • do not want to be defined by their age/condition
  • aspire to achieve things and learn new skills
  • want to access high quality arts provision
  • want to contribute
  • and appreciate the provision of appropriate therapeutic support.


You can download the Flourishing Lives Report here.


Using the research as a launchpad, the Flourishing Lives coalition was instigated in 2016 with the support of The City Bridge Trust and The Mercers’ Company


The aim was to develop a vision and framework to support the older people’s arts and wellbeing sector by developing and disseminating best practice models to support the development of higher quality services, better tailored to meeting the needs of the older people who use them.


Flourishing Lives is now a thriving London-wide coalition – with close national and international ties – of over 350 arts, health and wellbeing organisations who are taking a creative, relational approach to supporting richer, more independent lives for older people. 



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Flourishing Lives is kindly supported by Esmée Fairbairn, the City Bridge Trust and the Mercers' Company.