The Global Play Brigade Presents ‘Creating Community: Playmates for Life’

The Global Play Brigade presents

Creating Community: Playmates for Life

An international intergenerational workshop

We all age, but we don’t necessarily age in community. And no matter what age we are, we often get labelled and make assumptions about each other (spoiled kid, unruly teen, single mother, the marrying kind, divorced, alone, old, losing it, etc)

What if we broke free of these limits?

So that we can enjoy richer and more joyful connections with each other, whatever our age.

This workshop invites us all to play with this idea.

We’ll offer some new tools for building community among the old and the young, care-takers and their clients, within families, neighbourhoods and organizations.

We don’t know exactly what will happen! But these are some of the big themes we’ll explore…

  • Creativity in everyday life
  • Creating environments for “not-knowing growing”
  • Valuable to all of us across lifespan
  • Living a Yes, And life

So however old you are (or how old you feel!) join us for 90 minutes of fun and engagement

The session will take place 2pm – 3.30pm BST / 9am – 10.30am EDT

The workshop is created and facilitated by the Global Play Brigade.

The Global Play Brigade (GPB) has emerged in response to the global pandemic that is affecting all of humanity. We are artists/performers/therapists/educators who come out of the growing social movement of performance activism. We believe that integrating and utilizing play, improv, clown, theater and therapeutics into everyday life is a vital methodology for creating hope, possibility, emotional well-being and development.

This current human crisis is unleashing a surge of human creativity and connection that has always been there but was hidden or suppressed — and now, out of necessity, it’s seeing the light of day in beautiful expressions across the globe.

The Global Play Brigade supports and builds with this creative human surge in order to serve, to create the “viable unheard of” and to build a global community for change. What kind of change? An end to poverty and all forms of discrimination. Equitable access economically, socially, educationally, culturally. People’s democracy. Saving our planet. And, like performance activists the world over, we understand that an integral part of building a community that can make change means we must play, improvise and perform; developing our human ability and need to be creative, to love, laugh, cry, be socially connected, grow and be happy.