Older People & Climate Action

Resources from our 'Older People & Climate Action' workshop

Delivered in partnership with The Climate Coalition, our workshop focused on supporting older people’s engagement in climate action and developing environmental practice in older people’s arts & wellbeing services.

Here are some of the links that were mentioned or discussed during the session:

Many thanks again to Grace Fisher (Community Organiser/ Mobiliser), Jasmine Vorraso (Campaigns & Communications Assistant) and Hannah McLean-Knight (Coalition Coordinator) from The Climate Coalition for sharing their knowledge and expertise, and for all their help in bringing the workshop together.

Please do sign up for the Climate Coalition and get involved in the Great Big Green Week!

The Climate Coalition is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action against climate change. They are a unique coalition of over 140 organisations – including the National Trust, Women’s Institute, Oxfam, and RSPB  – and 22 million supporters, with distinctive partnerships across all political parties, multi-faith and development organisations, community and sports groups as well as environmental NGOs.

You can view the video recording of the workshop, ‘Older People & Climate Action in arts & wellbeing services‘, below:

'Older People & Climate Action in arts & wellbeing services'