‘Creating Community: Playmates for Life – An International Intergenerational Workshop’

The Global Play Brigade, Turning Point & Flourishing Lives present

Creating Community: Playmates for Life‘ – An international intergenerational workshop

“Experience is the very stuff of imagination… the older we get (and the more experience we acquire) the richer the imagination. Imagination is a gift. And the depth of the imagination, the gift of ag[e]ing.”
Bernard DeKoven

We all age, but we don’t necessarily age in community. And even though imagination and creativity are critical to our being able to create a new future together, there can sometimes be fewer opportunities for older people to express how they imagine the future.

In this workshop, we will create “an imagination ensemble” that supports us to break free of limitations so that we can enjoy richer and more joyful connections, wherever we are in life’s journey.

This is a creative and playful session, an improvised collaboration between older and younger people from North America, India and the UK – we don’t know exactly what will happen! But these are some of the themes we’ll explore and play with…

  • Creativity in everyday life
  • Creating environments for “not-knowing growing”
  • Exploring what is valuable to all of us across the life course
  • Living a ‘Yes, And’ life

So however old you are (or how old you feel!) join us for 90 minutes of fun and engagement.

The workshop is created and facilitated by the Global Play Brigade and co-facilitated by Turning Point

The Global Play Brigade (GPB) has emerged in response to the global pandemic that is affecting all of humanity. They are artists/performers/therapists/educators who come out of the growing social movement of performance activism. They believe that integrating and utilizing play, improv, clown, theater and therapeutics into everyday life is a vital methodology for creating hope, possibility, emotional well-being and development.

Turning Point is an NGO based in West Bengal, India, engaged in Mental Health Rehabilitation in Day Care settings. The principal aim is to rehabilitate people in society who are experiencing mental health problems and to fight against the stigmas that are sometimes associated with mental health issues.

Wednesday  20th July 2022, 1pm – 2.30pm BST / 8am – 9.30am ET / 5.30pm – 7pm India time