Relational Practice

We offer a one day CPD-Accredited training course called 'Mattering: An Introduction to the Relational Approach'.

The course is designed for people working at any level in arts, charity and public sector services and provides a practical framework and skill-set to develop effective and genuine interpersonal connections.

The training includes numerous workshops on the ABCDEs of the Relational Approach. These are aimed at illustrating and embedding the theoretical material, as well as developing participants’ self-awareness and awareness of others. Exercises include skills building in active-listening and understanding body language, as well as exploring how relationship dynamics are formed and developed.

The course is very down-to-earth and looks at the realities and challenges of work settings. There is time for discussion of the many benefits and challenges of working relationally and of how to work safely and responsibly. The trainings are also excellent opportunities for people to share their work situations with others and find support, inspiration, and knowledge from peers.

Courses are run in groups of up to twelve people and with fees on a sliding scale, based on the size of organisation represented.

Delegate rates

  • £50 (employed by org of up to 25 people)
  • £100 (employed by org of up to 50 people)
  • £150 (employed by org of 50 or more people)

Forthcoming Training Dates:

The Autumn 2022 training dates will be announced soon.

What people say about the training:

“Excellent, professional, interesting, inclusive and patient… well-paced and achievable… I felt it was very well organised.”

“I learned to listen more effectively, and set boundaries to ensure I don’t experience burnout.”

“I will definitely use some of the techniques to actively listen more effectively… I liked that I was included – a mutual process.”

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'Mattering: Foundations for Flourishing Lives'