Cultural Humility:

Anti-Racist Action in Arts & Wellbeing Services

Resources from our 'Cultural Humility: Anti-Racist Action in Arts & Wellbeing Services' workshop

Delivered in partnership with Mabadiliko CIC, Flourishing Lives, and the Anti-Racist Action Group (ARAG) in Arts & Wellbeing, the workshop focused on Cultural Humility, anti-racist action, and inclusive practice in arts & wellbeing services.

Here are the resources that were shared during the session:

  • Mabadiliko’s e-learning resource slides from the workshop, with kind permission from the Mabadiliko CIC team.
  • The slides also include additional inclusive practice resources, links and a reading list kindly developed, collated and created for the Flourishing Lives coalition by Mabadiliko CIC, to share across the sector as a supplementary resource. The additional resources build upon the areas of focus that were discussed in the workshop.  

Many thanks again to Hillna Fontaine (CEO, Mabadiliko CIC) and Makeda Hewitt (Facilitator & Project Manager, Mabadiliko CIC) for designing and facilitating the session.

Many thanks also to the members of our Anti-Racist Action Group (ARAG) in Arts & Wellbeing Services for their help and guidance in the strategic planning and implementation of our inclusive practice workshops, training and roundtables: Leandra Box (Programme Manager at The Race Equality Foundation), Connie Bell (Cultural Producer, Theatre Director & Founding Member of Decolonising the Archive), Christine Goodall (Network Coordinator at the HEAR Network), and Will Nicholson (Co-Founder and co-facilitator of the Southwark Culture Health and Wellbeing Partnership).

About Mabadiliko CIC
At Mabadiliko CIC, we are passionate about creating workplaces and communities that are inclusive and provide equity for all racial groups. This means creating safe, open and honest spaces to talk about race, raising awareness about cultural biases and prejudices, driving behaviour change and sharing critical antiracism tools. We work to make sure that we amplify the voices of those who are often overlooked through our community engagement and research activity. This includes participating as a board member at multiple public service, charity and social purpose organisations such as Mind. We also provide culturally sensitive emotional support and resilience building tools for Black African and African Caribbean people experiencing racism and oppression in the workplace and wider community. As a community interest company, our social purpose is at the centre of everything we do.

About The Anti-Racist Action Group in Arts & Wellbeing:
The Anti-Racist Action Group in Arts & Wellbeing is a group of representatives from arts, wellbeing and race equality charities – including Flourishing Lives, HEAR Network, Race Equality Foundation, Decolonising the Archive, and Southwark Culture Health and Wellbeing Partnership – who partner with ethnically and culturally diverse organisations, facilitators, community groups, participants and people to share their knowledge, expertise, learning and lived experience to support the wider arts and wellbeing sector to explore anti-racist action, and develop wider engagement in the arts and mental health. The aim is to facilitate conversations, deepen understanding and identify opportunities for change.

This workshop was the first in a new series of workshops and roundtables kindly funded by The National Lottery Community Fund which will support Flourishing Lives and the Anti-Racist Action Group to explore a range of topics, issues and anti-racist actions over the next 2 years to help advocate for inclusive practice across the arts and wellbeing sector.