'Anti-Racist Action in Arts & Wellbeing: Dynamics of Culture in Dementia Care' - Resources

Resources from our 'Anti-Racist Action in Arts & Wellbeing: Dynamics of Culture in Dementia Care' roundtable

Delivered in partnership with Nubian Life, Flourishing Lives, and the Anti-Racist Action Group (ARAG) in Arts & Wellbeing, the roundtable explored the dynamics of culture in dementia care and outlined the importance of a more person-centred, culturally aware, and intersectionally informed approach to care.

Here are the resources that were shared during the session:

  • The Slides and Additional Resources from the roundtable with kind permission from Nubian Life.
  • The slides explore the dynamics of culture in dementia care, the merits of anti-racist practice and person-centred care, and outline models of practice that create effective outcomes for beneficiaries.
  • Signposting to Nubian Life’s Monthly Racial Trauma Clinic, a safe space for individuals to share their experiences, receive support, and learn coping strategies for processing Racial Trauma.

Many thanks again to Jazz Browne (Chief Executive) and Andrea Lemard (Operations Manager) from Nubian Life for designing and facilitating the session.

Many thanks also to the members of our Anti-Racist Action Group (ARAG) in Arts & Wellbeing Services for their help and guidance in the strategic planning and implementation of our inclusive practice workshops, training and roundtables: Leandra Box (Programme Manager at The Race Equality Foundation), Connie Bell (Cultural Producer, Theatre Director & Founding Member of Decolonising the Archive), Christine Goodall (Network Coordinator at the HEAR Network), and Will Nicholson (Co-Founder and co-facilitator of the Southwark Culture Health and Wellbeing Partnership).

About Nubian Life
Nubian Life is a vibrant and successful charity operating a community resource centre in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It was established in 1995 in direct response to a gap in the service provision within the borough for its aging African Caribbean population. Since then the Day Opportunity service has extended its culturally specific care to Asian older people. The service provides respite for carers and activity based care. Nubian Life delivers a range of community initiatives, such as the Josiah Braithwaite Community Garden, volunteering opportunities, work placements for local residents as well MSc placements for student social workers.

About The Anti-Racist Action Group in Arts & Wellbeing:
The Anti-Racist Action Group in Arts & Wellbeing is a group of representatives from arts, wellbeing and race equality charities – including Flourishing Lives, HEAR Network, Race Equality Foundation, Decolonising the Archive, and Southwark Culture Health and Wellbeing Partnership – who partner with ethnically and culturally diverse organisations, facilitators, community groups, participants and people to share their knowledge, expertise, learning and lived experience to support the wider arts and wellbeing sector to explore anti-racist action, and develop wider engagement in the arts and mental health. The aim is to facilitate conversations, deepen understanding and identify opportunities for change.

This roundtable was the fifth session in a series of workshops and roundtables kindly funded by The National Lottery Community Fund which will support Flourishing Lives and the Anti-Racist Action Group to explore a range of topics, issues and anti-racist actions over the next 2 years to help advocate for inclusive practice across the arts and wellbeing sector.