'Active Bystander Training' Resources

Resources from our Active Bystander Training

Delivered in partnership with Protection Approaches and Besea.n the training guided participants through a series of discussions to explore how they can play a role in tackling identity-based harms in their community.

Here are the resources that were shared during the session:

  • Active Bystander handout, with kind permission from Protection Approaches and Besea.n.  
  • The handout outlines: what it means to be an active bystander, what you can do when you encounter/witness prejudice, harassment, or identity-based violence, and identifies protection approaches for proactive prevention. 

Many thanks again to Mai-Anh Peterson and Tra My from Besea.n for sharing their knowledge and expertise, and for all their help in delivering the training. We are also very grateful to Szymon Glowacki (Stronger Communities Outreach Lead at Protection Approaches) for all his help in bringing the session together.

Protection Approaches works to change how the world views identity-based violence – and by so doing, change the way we respond to and prevent it. We seek a world where everyone accepts and respects each other, regardless of identity. We are dedicated to doing the hard work necessary to make this vision a reality.

Besea.n want to empower, educate and embrace East and South East Asian (ESEA) communities in the UK. Their advocacy spotlights ESEA experiences through their platforms and events – providing a safe space for sharing knowledge, creating joy and fostering connections.