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  • Improbable is an award winning company that occupies a vital space in the landscape of UK theatre. At the heart of our artistic practice is improvisation. Whether in performance, rehearsal or development we will use the practice and philosophy of improvisation in the process of creation (even when we’re working on classic plays or operas). We see improvisation in all its forms as a tool for social change. It is a deeply democratic art form that fosters a sense of community and empowerment amongst its participants and audiences alike and, in an age of increasing digital complexity, is determinedly live. Improvisation plays a central role in Improbable’s mission to create a cultural shift that sees creativity placed at the heart of everyday life.



    Alongside our main artistic programme, Improbable run Participation Projects that explore ideas and processes from the company’s work. We aim to work with a range of different people, who sometimes have had little or no experience of the arts. We work with people from a range of backgrounds and ages from within and without the theatre community.

    We use spaces such as local libraries, to connect with people who may not normally encounter theatre in its traditional sense. Working in this way is at the heart of how Improbable works.


    In Jan – March 2018, Improbable Associate Artists Guy Dartnell and Alex Murdoch facilitated a series of improvisation workshops with a group of older people from Islington, working alongside a group of design students from Central St Martin’s. There were two sharings of their work at the Platform Theatre in King’s Cross, alongside a Devoted & Disgruntled satellite exploring how we can collaborate better on social engaged work. The project was presented in partnership with Central St Martin’s, All Change, Claremont and Islington Giving. You can see more about it inMonica Alcazar-Duarte’s film, here. 

    Impro for Elders

    Building on the success of Impro For All, Impro For Elders worked with over twenty 60+ people local to Church Street in Westminster to explore improvisation and story telling. The project was a partnership with Church Street Library and aimed to give older people from the Church Street area access to the shared experience of improvising together.

    Project Directors Andre Pink and Caroline Williams worked with the group to create a performance shown at The Cockpit in a double bill with Improbable’s improvised show Lifegame.

    This project was funded by Create Church Street, part of the Church Street Futures Regeneration programme, and Arts Council England.