The Haynes Dementia Hub

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  • The Haynes Centre is a specialist dementia hub which provides different levels of support to those diagnosed with dementia.

    1. The day service provision is offered via social worker referrals to adults with a moderate or severe dementia diagnosis. To complete a referral, if you do not currently have a social worker, ask for a needs assessment.
    2. The Day Opportunities Hub is open to everyone with a dementia diagnosis, including those who can support themselves and those who need to bring support with them (i.e. personal assistant, family member), with the aim of offering preventative and delaying activities. This can be accessed by self, family, GP or social worker referral. This is offered on a pay as you go basis.
    3. The Information Hub is open to everyone in Haringey seeking a support network, information and guidance around dementia, and the offers available across the borough.

    The centre also supports the Haynes Relatives Support Group monthly meeting (the carers at the Haynes), and hosts monthly Tom’s Club which aims to provide a supportive and social environment for carers of people with dementia who are not accessing the Haynes centre as well as current users.