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  • Silverfit is a charity aimed at encouraging wellbeing and fitness for over 45s – promoting happier, healthier ageing.

    We  have organised many events and social activities encouraging people to take up fitness regardless of ability and background. Please see below a list of our weekly Silver Days in various locations.


    What is Silverfit Charity all about?

    We’re a charity which encourages people to regain or to maintain their lifelong fitness. In addition, we provide opportunities to get active by arranging events and regular local groups. We also provide links to other exercise events of interest.

    Our volunteers have all found regular exercise improves many aspects of life, and our team includes sport enthusiasts and health professionals. We are happy to take on new-comers from those just getting into exercise to lapsed athletes.

    Medical evidence shows how important it is to keep active as we get older if we are to make the most of life. Getting and staying active also reduces the burden on our NHS.

    So what are we going to do about it?

    We’re a small charity and we’re thinking local for the time being. We want to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise for the over 50s and help over 50s find a way to regular exercise they enjoy.

    How are we going to do this?

    1)  By providing a website that aims to incorporate information that we have sourced about what’s going on in London for the Over 50s (and all ages). We’re a relatively new organisation, so we aim to build the information portal we have on this website with time.

    2)  By running events ourselves within the London area geared towards the Over50s.

    3)  Conduct independent research into events and facilities available within local authorities (starting with Lambeth) and suggest to local service providers where there are opportunities to initiate more programmes for the Over 50s.

    4)  To provide links to interesting articles or research on fitness for the Over50s.