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'Mattering: Foundations for Flourishing Lives'

On Thursday 22nd of February we were delighted to welcome social innovators from across the arts and health sectors to the launch of 'Mattering: Foundations for Flourishing Lives', written by Lucien-Paul Stanfield, the Chair of Flourishing Lives and CEO of Claremont Project.

The Flourishing Lives Coalition will soon number over 200 charities from London and beyond, from small day centres to national arts, culture and sports organisations. At the heart of this coalition is a focus on a relationship-based approach, where people feel heard and feel that they matter to one another. It is from this basis that genuine friendships, and the most positive outcomes, seem to emerge. 

'Mattering: Foundations for Flourishing Lives' has been produced to help articulate what this approach is, why it works, and how services might be improved across a wide range of sectors, not only in services for older people. It also describes the core philosophy behind our CPD-accredited training course 'Mattering: An Introduction to the Relational Approach'.

You can download a free copy of the booklet here.

It was fantastic to be joined at the launch by so many inspiring voices from across the sector. We have been delighted to hear about connections that have been made and indeed to see this article ‘The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community’ gain a lot of attention in the last week.

It feels like there is real momentum building around recognising the importance of connection and forming genuine relationships with the people we interact with. And of course, if there is anything we as Flourishing Lives can do to support your work in contributing to this, do let us know!

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