Our Relational Practice training provides a practical and theoretical framework for a relational approach to service provision. The aim of the course is to establish a rigorous methodology that will lay the foundations for best practice within your organisation - and across the sector.


There is a demonstrable need in services for older people for front line staff – whether they be in day centres, community centres, arts organisations, outreach programmes or health and fitness initiatives – to have access to high quality accredited training that provides the opportunity for developing career pathways and allows for a raised standard of excellence in services across the client group.


The benefits are clear: the Flourishing Lives report demonstrates the overwhelmingly positive results of engaging with older people as unique individuals.


Our course will allow a shared vision of this approach to be defined, refined and implemented, ensuring a more universal quality of service and a vital sense of professional support and development for providers. This will result in greater staff investment, greater organisational stability - and ultimately and most importantly a more profound, enduring relationship between the service providers and clients.                 


The course is currently in the pilot stage and will be officially launched in November 2017.


Bookings will be available from October 2017. In the meantime, please email for more information.     


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