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  • Age UK Islington is dedicated to helping any adult in Islington make the most of their life. Whatever your age or issue being faced, we want to help people make positive steps towards a brighter future.

    Help for People Aged 50+

    If you are over 50, we support you to make the most of later life by connecting, advising and enabling you to achieve ageing that is fulfilling, independent and socially active.

    Talking One-to-One

    Everything we do starts with a conversation and we listen long and hard to ensure we fully understand your issue.

    Talking to You in Your Community

    Whether you’re resolving a housing problem or navigating your way around the health service, having someone who can come and visit you can really help.

    Talking to You in Groups

    The opportunity to meet like-minded people who share an interest is a refreshing experience, especially if you have felt isolated and lonely before.

    Connecting You to our Partners

    We have a large number of excellent partner organisations offering regular events, assistance and on-going advice.

    Come to our Get Togethers

    Out & About

    Taking place all over Islington, you can pop along to one of our Get Togethers hosted in a variety of venues.

    Activity Centre

    Drovers is our activity centre just off Caledonian Road – pick ‘n’ mix from a range of activities on offer every day of the week.