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  • Friend in Need Community Centre was founded in 1982 for the purpose of serving the needs of the local community – it came out of the realisation that the church was essentially inactive in providing/showing wider care in the community.

    After being established for a while, the local authority asked the founding Chairman to take on the provision of day centre places for some of their own clients. Friend in Need therefore entered into a contract with the local authority to provide day care for vulnerable adults.

    Current changes in adult social care legislation and spending strategy of the government and local authority have seen increasing demand on preventive provisions from voluntary organisations which led FIN to make a major transformation from being a day centre to a well established activity centre today catering to not only the older adults but also younger age groups.

    Today, FIN offers a series of different activities from the Activity Centre (for older adults) and Active Adults Health and Social Club (for active adults) widening the age range of our clients. Through the Good Neighbour Scheme, FIN also provide services such as Information & Advice, Community Support, Befriending Scheme, Shopping Bus and Gardening scheme for older adults aiming to enable them to live independently for as long as possible. Helping Hands is another popular service that aims to promote independent living through providing help in shopping, banking, paying bills, collecting pensions, collecting prescriptions, managing document and other similar tasks.


    Activity Centre 

    The Activity Centre operates every day except Friday and Sunday. Aiming to help older clients to stay physically active and cognitively engaged, the Centre offers a range of different activities (see the links below for more information). It is suitable for people with low care needs (or none) and who are able to participate independently. In some cases an assessment may be conducted beforehand to identify how we can best support you.

    Active Adults Health & Social Club

    This newly expanded service brings together Barnet residents who are socially and physically active, through a range of health and social activities. Since commencing in 2014, the club has attracted clients from a wider age range.

    Helping Hands

    We can help residents of the London Borough of Barnet who are aged 65 and above and need our services so as to be able to live independently. People from age 55 who have a disability, may also access the service.

    Services will normally be provided on a fort-nightly basis.

    As we are a non-profit organisation, charges will apply to cover some of the actual costs of the service. Charges start at £10 per hour.

    We help with: Grocery Shopping, Banking, Paying Bills, Collecting Pensions and Prescriptions and other related tasks.