Age Exchange

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  • Our mission is to change lives through reminiscence, improving health and wellbeing.

    Our Goals:

    1. To reduce isolation and loneliness
    2. To promote intergenerational understanding
    3. To improve the quality of life and care for older people and those with dementia
    4. To support carers to maintain their own health and wellbeing

    What is Reminiscence Arts?

    Reminiscence Arts is Age Exchange’s unique approach to working creatively. Simply put, it is the creative exploration of memories.

    We bring to life our stories and experiences, our shared heritage or even the history of our shared spaces. It’s why our work can be a narrative linear or, when we are working with people with memory difficulties, a memory that is recalled by an action.

    For example, unlocking the smell of Chanel on your mother’s dressing table, the feel of woollen socks on a cold day, it’s just like riding a bike, something you never forget.

    It’s why the use of Reminiscence Arts is at the cutting edge of dementia support. Our work builds bridges between the past, the present and the future.

    Dementia Services

    Age Exchange’s Caring Together Service helps older people to improve their lives by using reminiscence and the arts. We support people living with long-term conditions like dementia, and their carers, by providing group activities throughout the week, and one-to-one tailored support for carers in the community.

    If you are a carer or looking for a specific service, Age Exchange offers a several reminiscence arts programmes under Caring Together:

    To find out more about how Age Exchange uses reminiscence arts practice, read about RADIQL™, our dementia research.