Art Sense Studio

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  • Art Sense Studio is a community based enterprise. We deliver tailored sessional group workshops and programmes in Arts and Expression.

    We work with local communities and members of the public in general but we are specialised in providing art programmes for adults and young people with Learning Difficulties, elderly people and for individuals with Mental Health issues.

    We support people all the way so they can experience self expressing through art and improve their wellbeing.

    How Do We Work?

    Sessions are delivered via an Art & Expression programme having as a core element the increase of participants wellbeing.

    Partners faciliators are:

    • Arts and Craft Practitioners
    • Drama and Movement Workshop Facilitators
    • Yoga/Frequency/Sound bath Practitioners
    • Art Therapists
    • Community Art Workshop Practitioners
    • Guerrilla Garden, Healthy Eating and Food as Medicine Facilitators
    • Community Responsibility and Environmental Engagement Mediators

    Contracting Services

    We offer a variety of ways in which you can contract Art Sense Studio services, from having us bringing art workshops to your instituition to having you atending one or more of our weekly sessions.

    • Outreach programmes in the community
    • Studio based ongoing groups and projects
    • Specialised workshops delivered accordingly to clients needs in your institution or premises

    Book an appointment or get in touch with us to arrange for a meeting. We will then get to know each other and together design an inspirational opportunity for your clients.

    * We also provide 1 to 1 sessions privately and Art Psychotherapy.