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Rising to the Populist Challenge: A New Playbook for Human Rights Actors

Our Flourishing Lives coalition partners at the Lithuanian NGO 'Socialiniai Meno Projektai' (Social Art Projects) and Dejusticia have very kindly offered to share a free download of the recent publication 'Rising to the Populist Challenge: A New Playbook for Human Rights Actors (ed. César Rodríguez Garavito and Krizna Gomez).

The book collects and analyzes a repertoire of responses by human rights organizations to the crackdown against civil society in the populist context. Based on evidence from populist governments in India, Venezuela, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, the United States, and Ecuador—as well as crackdowns against civil society in South Africa, Egypt and other countries—this volume provides hope, solidarity, and reinvigoration for the human rights movement.

You can download the book here: 

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