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Closer Commissioning: working with CCGs in arts, mental health & wellbeing

Kalwant Sahota (Self Care Commissioning Manager at My Care, My Way, West London CCG) and Johanna Tuomi-Sharrock (Senior Public Health Commissioning Manager - ‎Camden and Islington Public Health) very kindly agreed to deliver a workshop for Flourishing Lives coalition members, offering practical advice on enhancing our understanding of Clinical Commissioning Groups and developing closer working relationships with CCGs.

Over a highly informative session, Kalwant and Johanna provided an overview of the commissioning landscape - including Clinical, Health and Public Health commissioning, outlined key objectives and measures for CCGs, and discussed how arts and wellbeing organisations can be a part of the solution to the problems that CCGs are trying to address.

They have very kindly shared the resources and presentation material from this fantastic workshop and we have also collated a number of practical supporting documents (attached below).

Please do share any ideas or reflections on the session here and many thanks again to Kalwant and Johanna!


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Mental health is something we should talk about but unfortunately, still people don’t feel open and feel shy to discuss their mental condition. Although this is just normal having some mental issues just like you are having a fever and flu. Sad people don’t think about boomessays in that way.