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Capturing Success: creative evaluation in arts, health & wellbeing

For our Capturing Success workshop, we were delighted to be joined by Dr Karen Gray from the University of Worcester. Karen is currently engaged in doctoral research into the methodological challenges involved in the evaluation of arts-based activities for people affected by dementia.

Karen launched her presentation with a quote that set the tone for the rest of the session: “Evaluation is an investment in people and in progress” (Guba, E. & Lincoln, Y. (1989). Fourth generation evaluation). With this uplifting thought in mind, we started by considering what made evidence useful and examining the evaluation cycle, which unpicks the stages of reporting.

From there, Karen then defined what is meant by outcomes, particularly in funding terms. Outcomes often seem to be one of the major pain points in the process, so it was really useful to gain clarity on how to develop them, the spectrum of areas they can cover, and the need for measurables.

Finally, we looked at Theory of Change and the primary and intermediate outcome tools that can be used to support this and tell the story of the change our projects make.

Karen has very kindly shared the resources and supplementary material from this brilliant and inspiring workshop (see below).

Please do share any ideas or reflections on the session here and many thanks again to Karen!

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