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Arts for health and wellbeing: an evaluation framework

Public Health England:

The arts, including music, dance, theatre, visual arts and writing, are increasingly recognised as having the potential to support health and wellbeing. However, in order for arts to be included in commissioning of health and social care services, there needs to be robust evidence of their effectiveness, impacts and costs.

This document suggests a standard framework for reporting of project activities that will strengthen understanding of what works in specific contexts and enable realistic assessment and appropriate comparisons to be made between programmes.

The document is intended for:

  • health commissioners
  • third sector organisations
  • trainers
  • funders
  • practitioners
  • managers
  • arts organisations
  • researchers
  • others with an interest in the development and evaluation of arts for health and wellbeing programmes

An evaluation framework you write about is very useful if we try this. It is a great idea when we want it. From the   we can read more and more reviews about the services that are good and we can trust in them.