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Float Like a Butterfly; Sting Like a Bee...

…Or even better (and the lesser known extension of Muhammad Ali’s famous quote)… work together like a swarm of honeybees to overheat your opponent…


So, this entry is predominantly a thinly veiled excuse to share a great story that was just shared with me by a member at the Claremont Project. However, I do think there is something to be learned from the actions of the honeybees, and if not learned, then certainly something very validating.


The average honey bee is approximately 1.5cm long and pales in comparison to the Japanese giant hornet which frequently grows to greater than 4.5cm.


A single Japanese giant hornet can kill forty honeybees in a minute and thirty together can wipe out a hive of 30,000 bees in less than four hours. However, while the honeybee is unlikely to win against the hornet in a one-to-one match, when faced with the entire hive it becomes another story. When the intruder is noticed the honeybees swarm the hornet and begin vibrating, raising their collective temperature to 47.2 ºC. The maximum temperature the hornet can withstand is 46.1 ºC and so it perishes in the heat generated by the bees.


And so there we have it. Whilst individually the honeybee may be weaker, it is incredible what can be achieved through collective action.


To see a video of the honeybees in action, and perhaps to inspire you to overcome a hornet, click here.



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